JOLIE: Participant Testimonial
" hell of a race!"

This was my first Volkslauf (2010)...I didn't know what to expect, nor did I care to. I entered the race for the physical and individual challenge it offers and it did just that. I did not cry, I did not complain, I was hydrated just as any runner for a mud run should be, I was mentally prepared and physically intrigued.

KEVIN:Participant Testimonial
"...six miles on steroids..."

Any weakling can shuffle their way through a measly 6mi race… all they have to do is stand up and move forward. The Volkslauf is six miles on steroids. It’s not just about legs and lungs, it’s a whole body / mind race and there’s a strategy for each of the obstacles. All the time spent in the weight room finally pays off.

Scotty:Participant Testimonial
"...up to the challenge..."

I trained with my coach and our other two teammates throughout most of the year to prepare for the race, and actually since I had already been training with my coach for a couple of years before starting Volkslauf themed training, I was as ready as I could be, down to 295 lbs and 46" waist by Oct 2.